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There is no restriction on the nationality of Shareholder/Director when incorporate Hong Kong Limited Companies.

No, each individual can only act two positions of the company. If he/she already acted as Shareholder and Director, he/she cannot be Company Secretary of the company at the same time.

No. Every private company must have at least one director who is natural person.

Yes. The particulars and image records of the registered documents of the Company are available for search on the date of incorporation of the Company.

The profits tax rate is 16.5% of the taxable profits of the company.

It is common to set the financial year end date on 31 December or 31 March in Hong Kong as it can apply the extension to submit the Profits Tax Return to 15 August and 15 November respectively upon receipt from Inland Revenue Department. The financial year end date can be set by the end of other month, but have to submit the Profits Tax Return within one month upon receipt.

A small private company is qualified to prepare simplified financial statements and Director’s Report if it satisfies any two of the following conditions:

  1. Total annual revenue does not exceed HK$100 million;
  2. Total assets does not exceed HK$100 million;
  3. Average number of employees during the financial year does not exceed 100.

If the company’s operation/activities/trade/staff are all outside Hong Kong, it can apply “offshore claim” and its earned profits will be exempted from profits tax in Hong Kong.

If the offshore company carries on a trade, profession or business in Hong Kong and has profits arising in or derived from Hong Kong, it is liable to profits tax.