Arrangement of Auditing Services

Our mission is to provide the best quality and professional services to our valuable clients. In compliance with the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, annual financial statements of a limited company incorporated in Hong Kong is required to be audited by a Certified Public Accountant. Our professional audit partners can work out the audit reports according to Hong Kong Accounting Standards and Auditing Standards as required by the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Our dedicated team / partners has extensive experience and knowledge in various industries to devise a globally consistent audit process. Based on each client’s business nature and operational characteristics, we pay attention to the key areas of risk and evaluate the financial information. Also, we address the most complex issues to prepare the audited financial statements in order to pre-empt potential risks in operation. In addition, a proper and accurate audit report can be prepared in compliance with the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance.

Our arrangement of auditing services consist of:

  • Audit of company accounts to ensure compliance with the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance and other legislations
  • Advise on accounting, taxation and auditing issues
  • Advise company directors of their statutory obligations and responsibilities
  • Provide field audit and stock take in client’s office