Taxation Services

The Inland Revenue Department (“IRD”) issues the tax returns to individuals, corporations, partnerships and trustees who undertake business in Hong Kong on every year of assessment. The tax returns is required to be completed and file together with the required supporting documents to the IRD within certain periods of time from the issue date of the tax returns. Due to the insufficient of knowledge and busy schedules, some taxpayers may submit incorrect information on the tax returns or in delay over the tax deadline.

Our dedicated professional team is here to help, with practical and technical support and advice. With our expertise and professional experience, we can help taking the administrative and regulatory burden of compliance off your hands in the most effective way. Hence, you can be hassle-free on such nuisance and can concentrate on further business planning and development.

Our taxation services consist of:

  • Act as your tax representative
  • Provide tax planning and advice on tax matters to help companies and individuals find legal ways of minimizing their tax liabilities
  • Provide assistance in handling Inland Revenue Department (“IRD”) enquiries, tax field audits, tax investigations and appeals
  • Prepare and file company returns for employers’ remuneration and prepare tax returns for individuals and property tax returns
  • Provide personal and corporate tax planning
  • Handle applications for personal assessment

Our experienced team can provide personalized tax solutions to meet your specific needs across all major industries. You are welcome to discuss with us whenever and wherever required.